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Saturday, November 18, 2006

The guy, Brennan(?) who had a problem with Miss Izzy's accent.
Just get a life, I mean if it was just a joke, then why go on tv, just apologise and say im sorry if I've hurt you.
Unless you really hate her, then go on tv and fight for it, whatever it maybe.
He's taking sucha personal attack.

Raunchy.. Hoo.. go and die.


I found this picture funny, hehe (c) http://raikochan.deviantart.com/
Ryuk is one of my favourite shinigamis, but my favourite is Gelus, even though he plays sucha small role but he looks really cute.

Spinning; Famous last words- MCR

10:13 PM

This is really really funny, T and I were just looking through our REALLY REALLY OLD blog posts.

She gave me her link to her 2003 archives posts, so she was 15?!
Something like " -CiAoZ"
and "Pengz"

So I looked through mine and guess what I found!
I found a post which had an account of the first time I actually talked to a boy who's not a church friend or a brothers friend you know. It was hilarious.
Thinking back about it, they were really such jerks.
Giving them presents which they throw away.
Or go " I dont want it, take it back or it'll go in the thrash "
( By the way I'm very serious, this actually happened. )
And when I asked why, know what kinda stupid answer he gave, he said that he was not used to getting presents from girls.
I gave the boy an Evanescence CD, how fucking hot is that. ( Wow paris hilton! )
Then he told me that he was going to give it to Timothy ( My only ex boyfriend, he's quite a nice guy now, but you know they(boys) take what, a gazillion years to mature? So yeah I'm not close to him ) and I told him not to give it to Timothy.
Then he said that he was gonna break the cd in front of him, what the fuck.

What kind of heartless soul would actually do that, tell me. Boys are really such dumbfucks sometimes you know.
Then I told him that I'd rather have the pleasure to break my own cd, cause it costed about $20 man!
And guess what stopped him from breaking the fucking new disc, which plastic wrapper was still on.
Cos Tim did him a favour that afternoon he decided to "Spare" me and keep a cd.
HAHA, Seriously.
And then there was another time when I was trying to patch things back with my ex boyfriend.
( not beg him to come back to me, it was more like " okay lets cut the crap which happened when we're younger and just be friends")
So I bought him chocolates, and he threw the whole present away in front of his neighbour.
( I passed the present to his neighbour to pass it to him. )
He said " I don't want it. " And throws it into the bin.

First with the bitching, then the kind of response I get when I do something nice.
And know what next?
He told nearly everyone in his level that I take drugs, which is really very fucking funny cos I was what. 14?! HAHAHA, next he said I smoke ( Hey smokeD and smoke is two different things, I tried it when I was 11 or 12 ) and that I drink.
And that I'm a slut.
Just becos I prance around in my knickers half naked in front of monks doesn't make me a Slut :O how dare you! Hahaha ( I don't do that, it's the monks who choose to look in when I change. Like I said before, my curtains are missing ).

I don't know how much more childish boys can get.
Yet they compare their Bitches/the girls they like together.
One said this about Tim liking R ( HAHA yes. )
" Haha Your girl is a lesbian! " ( Lesbo referring to R )
" Hur, whatever at least Mine's not a slut. She's a slut (referring to me )"
All that was coming outta my ex boy's mouth.
So tell me, just tell me, how can I ever fall in love with a boy my age ever?

Unless he's immensely good looking and eccentric.

Things happen in the past and we learn from it, and I've learnt that boys are not good news. Men on the other hand.. are still little childish but you see they've more experience, like Johnny Depp :P


At the end of the day, nothing matters but her. I notice her among everyone else. If that's a crime, then I should be severely punished. I'm quite sure this is delusion. But I've just spent half my morning searching for answers from the past, which will answer to the unknown feelings which are inside me.

What we had was so fucking beautiful that no one can rob me away from that.
How time flew pass, was just such a dream. I feel empty, a shell, I just want to know if you're stressing out tonight.

Fuck this post, becos she's driving me up the wall. Then again, anyone can. since I'm pretty much a fucking zombie now and it's 4:38 in the morning.
In about an hours time my maid will wake up and push her mattress into my room.


2:24 AM

I lived till(:

Friday, November 17, 2006
My tagboard is currently very lifeless, I dunno why but the tags which you guys leave really make my day most of the time, okay make that all the time.

I guess when there are too many meaningless tags, I find it quite a pain in the arse.

But when you tag a joke or a comment on my post, it assures me that you read the post and not just cos you are blog hopping.

Actually, it doesn't really matter..

Cos I'm sure after this the tagboard is either gonna be full of tags or still as dead.

I find happiness in the tagboard, becos I don't talk to anyone online besides T.

Sometimes I talk to Virulenza and M.

And sometimes Candice too, becos she's so extremely entertaining and I love her much much, muack muack.. T_T Har.

Ooh, Richa picked me up in a cab today and we headed for LD.

She told me that hehe, someone Special finds me charming, whoo charming, imagine that, me charming.

hahaha, I'm just flattering myself, it's just Virulenza taking pity on me and trying her best to promote me to other people.

So that I'll have more friends, thus more love.. Well, I'm not sure if the more friends you have the more loved you are..

Maybe just more noticed in a way.

I guess I know why people don't tag my board, becos I type such shit posts and nowadays, I've not typed any entertaining posts. I just keep on rambling about my life and what I did, blahblahblah. I should really be grateful that you guys are actually reading.

And yet sometimes, I wish that this was private, so that I can vent my anger and yet not get that particular person pissed off. But there's no such thing is there.

Anyway, LD was pretty good, we had rehersals, same thing same thing, got a buncha the scenes down. I'm a really weird character, the first scene I'm gonna come in as an inbetween being and all sadistic and dark weird thing. Then the next few scenes I'll be dressed differently, sorta finding out what I am by dressing up differently I guess.

Went to Richa's place with Pris after drama.

Watched Bring it on 3, I really liked it, sometimes teenage cliche plots leaves me quite happy. Happy ending, nothing too intense.

Watched a bit of Bend it like Beckham.

She has a really huge Husky, I've no idea how to spell his name but it kinda sounds like " Vodka".

( Once again I'm rambling about stupid pointless details. I mean what does her dogs name have to do with your life right. )


I'm pretty sure I gained quite alotta weight today, I don't normally eat Spaghetti for brunch ( well okay I do.) and then a bag of potato chips and a can of coke for tea.

Then eat about 3 waffles smeared with Nuttela at Rich's place.

And then eat another bowl of rice for dinner.

Mmm.. Well I know I won't grow fat, so whatever.

( Don't burst my bubble or I'll burst your eye. )

I'm comfortable with my weight/flabbiness/whatever the shit u call it, so don't fucking ask me to exercise and I know that it's unhealthy, but I don't want to so just shut it Yo!

I do miss my skinny body though

Yes I was that skinny, no little folds anywhere, and that was just.. what a year or 2 years ago.

The only fats I had which was pretty obvious were accumulated at my cheeks, baby fat.

So yeah maybe I should go exercise huh..

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11:44 PM

My sister
Heh, it got cut short, dunno why.

Oh man Bryan Boy is so fucking funny
quote from Bryanboy.com " But dammit, Jesse Metcalfe is so fucking hot I want him to rape my ass and give me babies.

Why oh fucking why are all the guys in this third world shithole called the Philippines SOOOO FUCKING FUGLY in comparison to Jesse Metcalfe?

God I hate this shithole. I really do. "
LOL wtf.

12:39 AM

I'm now listening to John Mayer, he is such a brilliant artist.
I was just watching his concert on Channel V.
There's something so eccentric about him that I find very attractive, just the way he gets out of control with his guitar and voice appeals to me.
Heh, he does look like a druggie, and I love his scrawney body.
At some angles, he looks like a girl.
It's very beautiful to watch someone be so passionate over something which he loves and believes in, Music.
I found the concert I watched on Tv pretty good, listening him off CD just isn't the same.
He's not as spontaneous as he was on tv, his voice goes out of control and it doesn't sound soo polished.
When he sings, he sticks his tongue out to get a kind of slur effect.
He's strange and to some people, he's fugly. ( LOL MTV rated him as one of the few fugly actors/celebrities blahblah ).
Well As long as he carries on producing such good music and maintain that eccentric personality, I'd still listen to him.
I've realised that eccentricity (?) is the only thing in a person that captivates me, it's very sexy and mysterious. Some people are scared of it whereas others find it interesting. Haha, of course the funny factor and sex appeal also captivates me. I think John Mayer fits the bill!

Oh and!
My mom agreed on taking me to Phantom of the Opera next year. ^0^

If you think John Mayer sucks and think that Hilary Duff and Brittney Spears rocks, then you suck.
There are barely any good singers in the music business now.
I mean what is up with the Cassie girl on MTV, Her song " You got a long way to go " or something like that.
I don't see what's so good.
It's not as if she's really singing in the song. T_T
I like hiphop, so don't get me wrong.
But seriously, Black people are suppose to be able to sing, and this skinny as black girl comes up on mtv, and sings this monotonous (?) song, with no "power" ( You see Beyonce can sing..) and yet she's famous.
Lol, I'm sucha hypocrite huh, especially since I've heard the song so many times and am able to sing the chorus.

Uh.. who cant "But you got a long way to go.. but you got a long way to go.. but you got a long way to go..But you got a long way to go.. but you got a long way to go.. but you got a long way to go..But you got a long way to go.. but you got a long way to go.. but you got a long way to go.. " Just teasing :)

12:18 AM

I lived till(:

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Well.. I spent my morning at T's till 4am, caught departed, Omen and American pie band camp ( Watched it about 4 times, but I love it! ).
Anyway, after I watched CSI season 4's episode 1, and was in the process of changing the discs.
LO AND BEHOLDDD!!! My sister popped outta the tv screen on channel news asia.
I dunno.. There's the flying dutchman and some other lady.
I was laughing at the stupid dude who had a problem with her accent.
I guess the interview went great for her, becos she managed to get her point across and in the process made the guy look like a jackass.
What can I say.. sometimes Singaporean boys are just so stupid.
The guy was asking her why she has such an accent blahblah.
And said that maybe cos she's raunchy (?) that's why she has such an accent.
Fucking ridiculous so F.D (flying dutciodqwhdqw) said that he had many girlfriends before and they were raunchy and had no accent.
Ah yah, these people are so ridiculous and boliao.

They're like so "morally upright" and full of bullshit.
Sucha pity got No BlaInz..... ( BRAINZZ...)
God this post suckaaxzXsa.



3:25 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, November 15, 2006
I'm at T's again becos my internet fucked up and becos L and her borrowed buncha Dvds.
They're watching the Omen now, not very interested in such shits, I can't take horror.
If I actually do really sit down and watch such shits, I'd have to sleep with the lights on for the following 2 weeks.
Uh so I learnt how to play the guitar today.
And I started on the new Thursday Triplets drawing.
And I've started on a new project! A were wolf and vampire inlove <3<3
The werewolf is much more humanized than wolfanized..

Inspired by the latest Evanescence's video.
Amy Lee is seriously sooo cool o_o

10:19 PM

From today onwards, I can say that Stacy makes a good Dyke, she has the body and the low pants/shorts.
Infact, she'll make a very sexy one :D:D
Haha well I didn't really enjoy the Bbq that much, GREATTT food though, but was pretty boring cos I wasn't that close to anyone there.
But I guess it would've been much more fun if I stayed over.
As you can see, I didnt.
Spent 17 bucks on cab fare, please.. dont... shoott.. mee.... T_T
Oh yeah L is some japanese slang for Sex, read it off the newpaper, the actor ineath Note was quite upset when his fans called him L or somthing like that.

I'm high, she responded. ( M16, it's not the girl I showed you.)

12:31 AM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, November 14, 2006
You know, sometimes I do wish that silly quizzes and fortunes are true.
It sounds stupid and it is. I still don’t believe in fortune and the quizzes are just to boost my ego.
Everyone does quizzes about themselves to boost their ego or rather becos they love themselves a lot.
But sometimes, these quizzes and fortunes can be so accurate, that it feels like it's referring to only you.
That somehow you can relate to it.
"You cannot get your ex lover out of your head, and her tooth brush is still at your place. It has been 3 months and she has changed her cell phone number. When you go out for dinner, you still order the food which he loves and eat it."
Somehow, some people are able to relate to that. And you go “Wow... ", it's almost as if someone out there understands you and your situation so well. And it carries on..
“Today she will bump into you, and you will both get a cup of coffee and she'll give you her new number”
So your spirits are lifted high up and now you imagine how it'll really be like if it really happens.

Yes sometimes I really do wish fortunes are true, but I know that it's bullshit for someone to tell you how your future is gonna be like or how it should be becos that's basically what the fortune says. Your future is in your hands, and no fortune is able to rob you away from that.

We all get carried away every now and then. Right now my brain feels so numb becos I really need sleep. I feel like a Zombie. I need to go out to party...To find acceptance and to feel another body.

We all suffer from rejection daily…


Couple of things I must do today

-Keep my hands off art for a while. I dunno why but I'm having some sorta art block.
I'm pretty much getting bored of my sketches, and I keep doing such silly sketches and not completing them, very bad habit.
- Study math or chemistry and Biology.
- Clean my room, it's dirty again
- Shower the babies with lotsa love and attention.
- Read my book.
- Stop wasting time and stop watchin tv.
- Draw Victor, my character.

1:18 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, November 12, 2006
LOL L and T are now cooking their Chinese food.
Fucking retarded..
My cousin from NZ will be arriving in about an hours time.
I'm gonna be back at Ts tonight to finish up her leftovers.
The holidays are driving me up the wall.
And just the thought of leaving the school next year excites me.

I really want to drive..

I'm currently watching butterfly effect 2 at T's place with L.
Ate some of the leftovers.
Met my New Zealand cousin just now, who is gonna stay in my room for the night.

I don’t get the jealousy and over possessive thing, it doesn’t make any sense. It’s not as if I’ve been seeing her. And what makes it funnier is that I was nothing more than a fling, so seriously… T_T
Korean drama doesn’t apply in your everyday life. That’s why it’s on tv.

There's no excuse for one to be rude.

6:16 PM