I lived till(:

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Flow! @ MOS

8pm till late
Presale$20 & Door$25
with a free drink

there are more details on my other blog.

Email me at little_sweet_barfer@hotmail.com

or 93383450, if you're interested in parties.

11:23 AM

I lived till(:

Monday, November 20, 2006
Call me at 93383450 if you wanna get a hamster.

9:35 PM

After much thinking, I've decided to change my blog link, due to something which happened.
Please contact me for the new link.

7:17 PM

I dont really like this one

The were wolf which I'm working on now. Its a bit outta proportion. I'm having the most difficult time with the vampire. blahblahblahitdoesntlooklikeavampireblahblahblah shuttap


6:20 PM


Look it's flash inbetween her legs!!!
If I'm not wrong the underwear was sold in Zara, so there are many other girls with Flash the superhero above their CB.
Can this guy get any stupider?
Hahaha I dunno I found the video hilarious.
Watch it, I guarantee that you will come out feeling smarter
Haha, I guess he was just bored.

1:47 AM

Hamstress and her nipples
Hamoo the cockroach . hehehe..
Adopt me!

I'm selling the babies away for about 2 bucks each.

They're really tiny. Very adorable. Haha the big hamsters are not for sale, becos I've had them since they were young. They're family now, Hamstress ( You know Princess.. so she's female ) and Hamoo aka Tapee Springs aka Cockroach aka Sausage.
My dad took the pictures, I think that they're quite brilliant, especially since the hamsters could not stop moving. It's very clear, he's really quite amazing.
Anyway, I finally met up with my sister and mark for lunch. Yes lunch with the family once again at a really good Chicken rice stall, near Great World.
It was the bestest chicken rice I've tasted in my life.
Not only did they give us peanuts before our meal but also chocolates, fer-re-ro-roche.
I dunno how to spell it, haha.
Ann was at my place at night, we cleaned Macbeth ( her mouse, black in colour, with a white cross on his under body.) He had some sorta disease, he was probably just dirty. Cos after we bathed him he stopped scratching.
He scratched himself till he bled, behind the ears and earned a bald spot.
The hamsters are in perfect condition, so don't worry!
Went for a swim at night, T's mom was peeking outta the balcony, was quite funny.
Oh yeah I saw Raboot, Ann's rabbit. I know, what an awful name. But the rabbit is sooooo extremely cute and tiny. LOL
Raboot-tan. Rambutan.. Urm.. Okay Ann.. Okay..
I must stop delaying my art pieces and just sit down and finish them, since the paper is probably gonna rip after I rub off more unnecessary lines.
Gonna watch a Good Year with T tomorrow, she's one shy girl, I'm serious.

12:56 AM